What to do when people heckle

People will heckle you at some point when you are a runner. It’s a fact. Most runners will experience it at some point. The heckling can often be worse though when you are overweight. Some of the things I’ve had shouted at me when I’m running have ranged from hilarious to down right rude and offensive. Either way, it’s never right to be heckled and abused whatever your size. It isn’t nice either. One thing I will say though is that the comments always come from people who are not running. I’ve never, ever had anything but support and encouragement from other runners. To be fair, most other runners actually ignore me, usually because they are too focused on their own run to be worrying about other people!

What should you do when people heckle?

Firstly I would say IGNORE them. If they feel the need to be rude and taunt you then it says far more about them as a person than it does about you. They will probably have their own insecurities and issues. Plus, whatever your size, if you are out there running then you are doing far more exercise than they are (most hecklers do it from the security and comfort of a car!).

Secondly, I always smile at them whenever I’m heckled. I think so many people do it for a reaction from you. The reaction they want is usually a negative one and I am not going to give them the satisfaction.

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