Why I’m not running at the moment

I’m not running at the moment because my foot still has a fracture. I suffered a Jones Fracture in May and it still hasn’t completely healed. It’s getting there slowly but the consultant told me today that these types of fractures can take up to nine months to be healed completely. He did say mine was healing surprisingly well for the type I have, and that is something positive at least. I think it’s because I’ve religiously taken a calcium and vitamin d supplement every day since I found out it was broken.

It has meant that I’ve not been able to do a lot of anything. I couldn’t really walk very far at the start which has definitely meant not running as well. It’s been frustrating because not being able to walk, or drive basically meant that pretty much any form of exercise has been impossible. I love swimming, but getting to the pool hasn’t been an option for a long time.

I have discovered yoga since suffering from this fracture and I’ve been hula hooping and using resistance bands (my 50p Primark bargain!) to try and keep some sort of fitness and stop me gaining too much weight while I’m immobile. I have learned that I actually love yoga, which really surprised me. I’m absolutely pants at it. I have no flexibility, I’m too fat to get into half of the positions and I have no coordination whatsoever. However, it really is as relaxing as they claim it is. I do feel happier, more positive and calmer after I’ve done a session and it is something I definitely plan to continue with from now on. And even better, it’s another totally free form of exercise. I’ve been watching Yoga for Beginners videos on YouTube and following them, as long as the foot has allowed.

I am really struggling with the not running thing. Running has always been really beneficial for my mental health, and it always makes me feel good about myself. At the moment, I wont lie, I’m not in the best place mentally. It’s a whole host of things in my life and they all seem to have happened at once. My foot has just been the icing on the cake and it’s typical that just when I actually need running to be a part of my life it is out of reach.

Although, now my foot is definitely on the mend I’m increasing my exercise gradually. I promise I’m not running….yet! However, I’ve started walking more. It’s a slow walk at the moment but I do plan to increase both speed and distance gradually so that I’m getting a decent work out. I’ll probably not wait until my next consultant appointment in December to attempt a short and slow run but I’m not running for a few weeks yet. I don’t want to risk making the break any worse!

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