broken foot

A broken foot – my worst nightmare!

I currently have a broken foot. The injury that I’ve avoided checking out for the past three weeks because I though it was just soft tissue damage is actually a fifth metatarsal fracture. There’s no wonder it hurts so much! I’ve been trying to avoid going to accident and emergency because we’re always told not to go unless it’s totally necessary. However, that has definitely come back to haunt me because it means three weeks of suffering when I haven’t really needed to!

I know the break must be fairly significant because I was able to see it on the x-ray. I asked the radiologist if I was allowed to see my pictures and she showed me. I noticed it straightaway. I’ve probably made it worse by the fact that I’ve left it untreated for so long and have pretty much carried on as normal since. The only things I’ve done differently are not take the dog for a walk and to drive to a few places I would normally walk to.

I’ve come to the conclusion though that having a broken foot is far worse than having a broken arm. I managed to break that one whilst I was marathon training! It’s far easier to be one handed than it is being one footed. I’ve got a temporary cast on and have been told I’m not allowed to weight bear on it. Hopping around on crutches is a bit of a nightmare as well. I’m quite clumsy so it isn’t particularly easy. I’ll have amazing arm muscles soon though!

broken foot


I haven’t been to the fracture clinic yet so I have no idea how long I am going to be out of action for. I do know I’ve had to cancel the 10K that I was meant to be be doing soon and that I probably won’t start running again for another 6 weeks. I can’t even walk or swim to keep my fitness levels up so I am definitely going to start from scratch. It’s annoying but at least I can now accurately blog about doing couch to 5k because I’ll be doing it myself. I think it’s probably the best way to avoid further injury when I am allowed to exercise again.

I’ll keep you updated and will continue to blog but I am feeling a little sorry for myself right now. Although I am pretty proud of how well I’ve coped. I must be proper hardcore if I can walk on a broken foot with no pain relief for almost a month!

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