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Armchair Yoga – My latest discovery

Armchair Yoga has recently entered my life and is slowly beginning to change it in ways I hadn’t expected it to. I discovered it on YouTube whilst searching for exercise I could do with my broken foot. I was really struggling with not being able to do much exercise and needed something I could do from home that wouldn’t impact on my foot in any way. It has been the ideal gentle exercise and I can already feel so many benefits from it. I feel it, and eventually normal yoga are now about to become a full time feature in my life.

I like that I can do it at home, so I don’t need to get myself motivated to leave the house. I only need to turn the TV on, put a chair in front of it and I’m good to go. You can wear pretty much anything as well, as long as it’s quite loose fitting. I’ve done it in my pyjamas a few times. And it didn’t matter that I wasn’t wearing a bra either, for those of you who have rather ample boobs like I do!

What is armchair yoga?

Armchair yoga is basically a form of yoga, which allows the body to do the stretches and poses whilst sat in a chair. It’s quite a popular exercise in residential homes as it’s so low impact but still encourages movement, and offers all the benefits of exercise to those with limited mobility.

What are the benefits of it?

For me, this exercise has been a bit of a lifeline. I get really miserable if I can’t exercise so I knew I needed to do something. Armchair Yoga has provided me with relief whilst I’ve been off my feet and I can honestly say I am starting to feel the benefits of doing three sessions a week. I feel more relaxed after a session and have more energy. If I do my session in the morning then I have a buzz all day which is nice. If I do it in the evening then I seem to sleep better, probably because I’m more relaxed when I go to bed. I do tend to do it in the morning though as I have more energy, and therefore more motivation to complete it.

I have got a whole lot more flexible than I used to be. If I’m totally honest my size made stretching and bending difficult sometimes. It is nowhere near as much of a struggle now as it used to be.

I think I’ve started toning up again. Because of the running I had always been fairly well toned but when I stopped my muscles quickly lost this. It’s coming back. My bum feels firmer and I think my belly is a little bit flatter. I haven’t really lost any weight but my trousers don’t feel quite as tight as they normally would!

Will I continue it?

Yes! Definitely. I think it can only benefit me. I love how relaxed I feel, and I think it would make a brilliant strength and conditioning exercise to help build up my core muscles which will only help to improve my running when my foot is no longer broken. I’ve already looked for a proper yoga class that I can make, because I feel if I’m going to continue it long term then proper instruction is probably a good idea.

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